Nanoscale Materials Creating Big-Scale Promise

Evident Thermoelectrics is a leader in thermoelectric solutions for power generation. Our thermoelectric technology allows for energy harvesting by converting small temperature differences into useable electrical power. Founded as Evident Technologies in 2000, our name change reflects our new laser-like focus on thermoelectric markets and products.


Evident Thermoelectrics offers efficient waste heat recovery solutions from low to high temperature ranges for markets that include automotive, industrial, wearable technologies and remote sensors among others. Just about anywhere that there is waste heat, Evident Thermoelectrics can convert it to electricity.

Our patented nanostructured bulk half-Heusler, skutterudite and bismuth telluride materials have some of the highest efficiencies, power output and versatility available today. Staying true to our nanotechnology roots, our nanostructured thermoelectric material affords us numerous performance advantages over traditional material processing methodologies. Our ZeNS™ (Zero Net-Loss Shape) processing approach provides consistent quality while greatly reducing loss of materials compared to traditional thermoelectric manufacturing methods. As such, our cost per watt is highly competitive.

boltThermoelectric Technology Explained

Electricity is generated in an electric circuit in which two dissimilar semiconductors are joined at their ends. When one of the junctions is at a different temperature than the other, a direct electric current will flow in the circuit. The voltage and current generated in the circuit depends on many things including the materials’ inherent ability to conduct electricity and produce a voltage given a temperature difference (the Seebeck coefficient). We pick semiconductor materials with naturally high Seebeck coefficients and good electrical conductivities.

Evident’s Thermoelectric Technology Advantages

High Reliability and Durability

Compared to thin film and nanowire materials, Evident’s nano-structured bulk materials have superior mechanical integrity and high-temperature (20°C – 700°C) thermal stability. Evident’s TE materials and processes also allow direct bonding to interconnect without the need for metallization, which lowers costs and increases module durability and life cycle. This enables the module to provide consistent energy over long-term cycling, even in the most challenging environments.

Easy to Integrate

Because TEG systems are completely solid state with no moving parts, they offer extreme reliability and enable stand-alone power generation in applications where this was not feasible before. Evident works closely with OEMs to integrate TEG components into their products to improve performance and minimize cost. Evident’s TEG technology even enables power generation in products where there is very little waste heat present, such as boilers and camp stoves.

Superior Performance and Low Cost

Evident’s proprietary platform technology enables low-cost manufacturing of bulk thermoelectric materials.  The company’s patented nano-structuring process reduces thermal conductivity while maintaining electrical conductivity, enhancing the performance (“figure of merit”; ZT) by 30-60% across multiple classes of thermoelectric materials including bismuth telluride (BiTe), skutterudite (SK) and half-Heusler (HH).

Define ZT = σS2T/k
σ = electrical conductivity
S = seebeck coefficient
k = thermal conductivity
T = temperature

Evident’s Thermoelectric Materials

Half Heusler

With recent acquisition of GMZ Energy, Evident has broadened its materials capability and IP portfolio including nano-structuring process for half-Heusler materials. HH materials yield a unique combination of high performance, high strength module and moderate materials cost.  Evident’s proprietary method of bulk manufacturing nanostructured TE materials is more cost-effective than known nanowire or thin film manufacturing methods for temperatures of 500°C to 700°C on the hot side.


Evident’s skutterudite material system is ideal for mid temperature range applications (hot side 250°C – 550°C).  With peak ZTs of 1.4 for N-Type and 1.2 for P-Type, SK is one of the highest efficiency materials in thermoelectric material systems.

Bismuth Telluride

Evident’s BiTe material system is ideal for low temperature range applications (hot side up to 250°C). Our approach is different from other commercially available BiTe material systems in that we produce nano-structured bulk materials that have superior strength and performance over traditional materials.

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End Use Applications


Auto and truck makers around the world face the daunting task of making their vehicles more fuel-efficient. Better fuel efficiency and emissions reduction are being mandated by regulatory authorities and are powerful market drivers for TEGs in this market segment.   As a result, there has been a surge of interest in using waste heat recovery from thermoelectrics in transportation. Currently, heat from the exhaust system of a car or truck is useless as it is discharged into the environment. Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) could convert some of this wasted heat into useful electricity. Integrating TEGs into cars improves gas mileage and reduces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, nearly all automobile manufacturers are working to add TEGs into their cars within the next few years.

A typical automotive TEG has four main elements: a hot-side heat exchanger, a cold-side heat exchanger, thermoelectric materials, and a power conversion system.  Automotive engineers face significant challenges in the application of TEG to cars. TE materials must provide high thermoelectric power conversion and be mechanically and thermally stable to ensure the TEG will last for the life of the car with little or no maintenance impact. In addition, the TEG must have excellent power density because the space in which the TEG system must be added is limited. Evident’s high-temperature nanostructured skutterudite and half-Heusler materials provide the needed characteristics.

In 2014 over 70 million passenger cars were built and sold worldwide, excluding light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks, buses, coaches and minibuses. Powerful regulatory drivers and the enormous size of this market make it an excellent opportunity for Evident’s TEG Technology Platform.

Heat ThermometerIndustrial Waste Heat

Roughly a third of the energy consumed by the U.S. manufacturing industry is discharged as waste heat to the atmosphere or to cooling systems. These discharges are the result of process inefficiencies and the inability of manufacturing plants to utilize the excess energy. Industrial waste heat energy is estimated to exceed 10 quads/yr (1 quad = 1015 Btu), an amount equivalent to more than 1.72 billion barrels of oil. Industrial waste heat spans the entire temperature range but much of the heat loss is from 250°C – 700°C, perfect for Evident’s skutterudite and half-Heusler materials.

Key to the commercial development of TE materials for use under industrial conditions is that they must be thermally, structurally, and chemically stable. They must accommodate vibration and thermal cycling conditions without significant degradation. Evident’s TEG Technology Platform is especially well-suited to meet these demanding design requirements for waste heat in the medium to high temperature range.

The enormous size of the industrial market combined with high waste heat temperature streams for a diversity of processes, e.g., aluminum, glass, metal castings and steel – make this market an important opportunity for the application of Evident’s TEG Technology Platform.


Wearable technologies are becoming more and more in demand with estimates of a $5.8 billion global market in 2018, but also face considerable obstacles mostly around size and battery life. Evident’s proprietary room temperature nanostructured bulk bismuth telleruide (BiTe) material can radically improve these products. Using body heat, a BiTe TEG can help produce electricity needed to power the device all while being thin enough to fit in the smallest applications.

icon flamesConsumer Products

TEGs will revolutionize many existing products by adding functionality that radically improves the value of the product. As an example, consider the application of TEGs in home boilers used for space heating. When an ordinary gas-fired boiler begins a heating cycle, an electrical starter switch allows the natural gas to begin to flow and ignites the gas. But electricity from an outside source is needed for the switch to operate. In the event of a power failure the boiler simply will not work. In colder climates where the loss of space heat poses serious consequences to life and property, this is a severe design limitation.

Using TEGs, the heating system can be made immune from power failures of any length. Studies have shown that grid power failures are increasing in both frequency and duration. Events like hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters have heightened consumer awareness of risks and increased consumer demand for equipment and systems that provide better emergency preparedness. In this case TEGs open up a completely new class of product. Initially it will be considered a premium product but the self-powered functionality will likely become a standard feature on most natural gas-fired home heating systems over time.

The global market for gas-fired home heating boilers exceeds $11 billion a year. Evident’s TEG Technology Platform is ideally suited for this application and for countless others that have yet to be imagined.


Internal combustion engines are ubiquitous in marine applications providing needed thrust propel a vessel through water. Nuclear powered ships are popular as well, especially for submarines and other underwater vessels. Waste heat is a by-product of both internal combustion and nuclear power that is currently wasted. Marine applications are ideally suited for thermoelectric conversion of this wasted energy because of the natural temperature difference between the engine heat source and the ocean or lake water through which the vessel is traveling. The TEGs convert this temperature difference into electricity to power the hotel load, recharge batteries, or other applications. TEGs can increase the efficiency of the system and reduce the amount of waste heat.

Evident’s TEG technology is ideally suited for the temperature ranges that are typical for marine applications. High fuel costs for marine transportation is a real driver for this market and squeaking out more efficiency is of paramount importance. Evident’s TEG technology platform is poised to have a big impact for marine applications.


The commercial airline industry is pushing continued electrification to meet customer demand for in-seat entertainment, internet and charging capabilities. Temperature differences of hundreds of degrees are typical for aircraft traveling at cruising altitudes; jet engines produce hot exhaust that can be harvested with TEGs cooled by the ambient cold temperatures. The electricity produced is free in that it uses energy otherwise wasted and converts it into useful electricity.

Evident’s TEG technology can withstand the temperature extremes in this demanding application and give game-changing performance and flexibility to aircraft designers.

SensorsSelf-Powered Sensors

Another application ideal for Evident’s room temperature nanostructured bulk bismuth telleruide (BiTe) material are sensors – devices used to detect environmental characteristics. Sensors need to be powered in locations that can not be wired for electricity or can have a battery easily changed. Evident can make self powered sensors a reality by converting temperature differences to electricity used by the device itself. These maintenance free sensors can have applications in manufacturing and machinery, airplanes and aerospace, cars, medicine and robotics.

We Make Stuff

It may sound obvious but the purpose of business is to create and retain customers who buy your products.  This simple philosophy has been our guide since inception. The cool thing about our technology is that the target customer may not know what thermoelectrics is because until now, the efficiencies haven’t been good enough to use in most applications. For example, high temperature waste heat recovery using thermoelectrics is not a readily identifiable market because there are virtually no commercial thermoelectric products that work at high temperatures. We like to create customer demand. We like to convert those who are curious about our technology into customers that use our technology to enable their own products.

We are practical pioneers creating products from nanomaterials and we are doing it again with the launch of our thermoelectric test kit. This test kit is designed to appeal to a spectrum of customers from thermoelectric afficionados to those who can’t even spell thermoelectrics (and no, it’s not ‘thermal electrics’). Not only do we make things to sell, like this test kit, we are your partner for developing this technology into your own application.

The kit consists of a ready-made low power module that can continuously operate up to 500°C along with several N-type and P-type thermoelectric legs to allow you to create a device of your own. We even provide instructions on how to put things together and give you an open invitation to call us. Let’s work together to convert your ideas into stuff that is useful.

test kit

The Evident Test Kit v 1.0

Get it and use it. You will be amazed.
Evident's Skutterudite Test Kit consists of:

  • Four N-Type legs and one N-Type disk
  • Four P-Type legs and one P-Type disk
  • One 2 watt mini module

$2499.00  |  Order Now!


Dr. Clinton Ballinger |  President/CEO & Co-Founder

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Dr. Ballinger is one of the world’s leading authorities in nanotechnology and products enabled by novel nano materials. As CEO, he has a reputation for launching “World’s First” products across multiple markets, on time and under budget. Dr. Ballinger’s background includes positions at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Lockheed Martin, GE, and teaching positions at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Albany Medical College. He has advised numerous start-up companies and currently holds an appointment as Entrepreneur in Residence at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Dr. Ballinger has a diverse background with dozens of patents and publications in optoelectronics, computational physics, nuclear science, medical physics, energy, nanomaterials and their applications. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Bed Poudel  |  Chief Technology Officer

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Dr. Bed Poudel, considered a pioneer in the field of nanostructured thermoelectric materials, joined Evident in 2012 and has led the technical team in developing high temperature thermoelectric materials and devices. Dr. Poudel holds a PhD degree in Physics specialized in nanostructured thermoelectrics from Boston College and has more than 10 years of experience in thermoelectric materials research and product development. His expertise includes nanomaterial synthesis, characterization, as well as device design and manufacturing. Dr. Poudel holds over 15 patents and patents pending in the field of thermoelectrics.

Dr. Poudel was previously employed at GMZ Energy where he developed thermoelectric materials and products since 2007. As Research and Development Director at GMZ, he led a technical team on the research and mass production of nanostructured thermoelectric materials such as bismuth telluride, skutterudite and half-Heusler. He also led the team on development of thermoelectric applications including a solar thermoelectric product and a self-powered boiler using a thermoelectric device.

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